A Message From our Founder:

I’m Catherine Dahl, co-founder and CEO of Beanworks, an accounting automation platform that makes it simple and easy to pay your vendors from PO to payment.

I not only understand the challenges of being a woman in technology, but I’m working to support women at my own company. I believe a diverse team is key to success: my own executive team is 50% female, which is why I’m reaching out to you today.

The female execs at Beanworks are dedicating time to a STEM program for young girls in honour of International Women’s Day. I’m challenging you to do the same and join the movement. Together, let’s empower more young girls and women to build successful careers in the STEM fields.

How You Can Help:

How to get involved and get the word out:

  1. Please take a moment to quickly fill out this form and pledge to donate 5 hours of your time to mentor a young woman in STEM.
  2. Reach out and share this exciting initiative with your female colleagues in STEM and challenge them to pay it forward
  3. Spread the word on social media using these key messages:
    • Sharing on social media:
      • Women Pay It Forward (posts to be published daily from Tuesday, March 6- Friday, March 9)
      • Facebook and Instagram:
        • March 6: For #IWD2018, we #pressforprogress by pledging time and talent to cultivate future #womeninSTEM and achieve workplace #genderparity. #womenpayitforward
        • March 7: Update! (insert name and company here) to #pressforprogress, mentoring young women in #STEM fields. #womenpayitforward (post picture of partnering organization and/or participating #womenintech)
        • March 8: Happy #IWD2018! In celebration of this year’s theme, #pressforprogress, (insert name and company here) is empowering future #womeninSTEM. Here’s one of her #mentorshipmoments. (post picture of mentoring, if possible, and suggest audiences catch more #mentorshipmoments on other channels, like Twitter, to drive traffic).
        • March 9: So many inspiring #mentorshipmoments happened during our #womenpayitforward initiative! Thank you to all the participants and partner organizations for cultivating future #womeninSTEM and pushing for workplace #genderparity. Let’s keep up the momentum all year long!
      • Twitter:
        • March 5: (twitter handle) is ready to #pressforprogress for #IWD2018. (pledger’s twitter handle) to mentor young women in #STEM fields. #womenpayitforward #womeninSTEM
        • March 6: (pledger’s twitter handle) will #pressforprogress, pledging time and talent to cultivate future #womeninSTEM. #womenpayitforward  
        • March 7: T-minus one day ‘til #IWD2018 and we are ready to #pressforprogress! (pledger’s twitter handle) mentors young women in #STEM with (insert partner organization and participating female exec handles)
        • March 8: Happy #IWD2018! We caught (pledger’s twitter handle) in a #mentorshipmoment with young women in #STEM. #pressforprogress #womenpayitforward
        • March 9: So many inspiring #mentorshipmoments for #womenpayitforward! Thank you to all participants and partner orgs for cultivating #womeninSTEM and pushing for #genderparity.

Graphics for Social Sharing:

Finally, don’t forget to Share your mentorship moments using the hashtag #WomenPayItForward on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


I am excited to have you join the #WomenPayItForward initiative, opening the door for girls today so they can become tech leaders tomorrow. We will be in touch soon with more information!


Join us!